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Brave New Academics

Creative Curriculum

Classes are not graded, instead, the curriculum is based on projects.  Instead of raw learning, different subjects are optimized to teach on how to complete a project. Projects designed to accelerate learning and accomplishment.

Mix Discipline Academic

Linked subjects force teachers to collaborate to synch for students’ science workshops. A scholar works with students on their homeworks using information technology that improve learning experience.

Science Workshop

Science workshop is a sandbox for crafting and experimenting. It is used for projects and student’s creative hobbies. This is a place where mix disciplines are met to unleash a freestyle creativity from a student.

Corporate Cooperation

TOFAH consults and collaborates with corporations that help us to undertake cutting edge projects. An authorized corporation can oversee and assist in project development. Corporations may sponsor a project.

Space Education

Students are introduced to space technologies and activities such as piloting, weather balloon experiments and different gravity experience. Every student travels to the outer space by age 22.

A Brilliant Idea

This curriculum cultivates: a unique mind with a unique perception. A person who thinks collectively and creatively, someone who can organize and run a project or a company. Independent of any specific profession.

Business & Leadership

We teach the value of leadership. How it applies in business and in life. Students understand the logistics of running a business and how to operate a company. TOFAH teaches about the spirit of entrepreneruship.


Science, Engineering, and Technology are the primary focus of the academics. Everything is designed to promote creativity and innovation. This environment is the sandbox that every child dreamed of.

Finance & Investment

Education is incomplete without teaching the value of money. Literacy in finance and competence in investment is a way for our students to obtain financial independence and to pursue their constructive imagination.


Holistic Education

The brave new academics: is to inspire students with their mind, amaze them with their body and enlighten them with their spirit. Holistic education treats  education as an adventure and a journey.

Mastery of the Mind

The mind’s potential equals: imagination divided by knowledge. Open mind is an infinite potential.

Learn more about the mind.

Mastery of the Body

The body’s potential equals: hard work plus practice. In a capable body is a competent mind

Learn more about the body.

Mastery of the Spirit

The spirits’s potential equals: discipline times will power. A silent mind manifests the spirit.

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