Welcome to Transnational Organization For the Advancement of Humanity


Everyone is welcome, but only a few, are welcome to stay.


Admission age is: up to 9 years of age, any nationality and any race. A birth certificate is required. Submit early.


Representatives are sent to conduct the examinations. Being examined means that a child has the potential to qualify for the school.


The candidates posses the X factor. Children travel to their new home, and learn the basics for a year, before they start their education at age six.


Orphan Children

Every healthy orphan is considered for admission to TOFAH. Any orphan institution in the world can apply. We will work with institutions and nations to make the transition for a child comfortable.

Previliged Children

Privileged children are born of royalties or of wealthy families. However, unlike other children, the fees are paid by their family and they also sponsor the education for another non family child.

Special Children

Parents know their children are special, but not every loving parent is willing to let go of their child; when they are so young. We evaluate every submission,  and determine, if a child has the X factor.

Submit Early

Because of limited class capacity, it is important to be noticed early. Admission starts at age one, acceptance is at age five, and school starts at age six.

Submit Application

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A DNA sample is taken during the examination. This is used to screen for any genetic anomalies. We want to begin treatment as quickly as possible, if accepted.


Basic moral questions are asked: how does watching someone cry makes you feel? The questions are designed to test a moral and an emotional capacity of the child.


Basic questions are: do you like animals, do you know how to lie, do you like an ice cream? These yes and no questions are designed to understand a character.


Representatives are special agents of TOFAH, they are trained professionals. They gather the results and construct an option about the candidate. The Q & A session is recorded to have the final decision made at the HQ.



The chosen few are welcomed to a pre-school, where everyone learns English and have fun exploring their new world. Pre-school is a play ground for everyone to be familiar with each other.

Health Care

Immunization, physical check up, and any other medical necessities will be administered by the medical professionals. We take the safety and the health of our students highest priority.


Each student receives a bank account with a credit line equal to their annual stipend. We recognize that a creative minds need to be able to express themselves, and have the liberty to pursue their passions.

Stipend Chart

Students receive stipends based on their age. The chart below explains the progression. The funds are tied to a debit card, and the students are free to use it under their discretion. The organization is commited to our studen’s life. We are certain our students will achieve greatness before age of 30, but some minds need more time. It is important to keep in mind, we are raising the next Steve Job, the next brilliant mind that affects billions of people.

Age 10: 1000
Age 9: 900
Age 8: 800
Age 7: 700
Age 6: 600
Age 30: 200,000
Age 24: 140,000
Age 18: 80,000
Age 12: 20,000
Age 11: 10,000



Uniforms are required for the first five years. It is vital to the student’s growth and development. The uniform will promote the discipline during the critical time. After age 11, uniforms will be available, but not required.


Technology is a partner that the students will learn to use and to create their own. Robotics, engineering, biotechnology, software engineering and others will be available to students .


The classrooms are a workshop and not a lecture hall. Students collaborate with a teacher to learn essential skills by completing projects that have actual applications.