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The body is an instrument; it needs tuning to play a score.



Dancing is a great way to have fun and to develop: flexibility, endurance and a sense of well-being. Body in motion is a state of happiness and a celebration of life. We want our students to be comfortable with their body.

Martial Art

Martial Arts

Martial arts teach: self-defense, concentration, willpower and improve: balance, strength, and stamina. Qi gong and t’ai chi are practiced for longevity, and well being. We are commitment to the safety of our students.

Fun Hobbies

It is a privilege to teach a child the skills and expertise that opens their world to fun activities such as: surfing, skydiving, skiing, racing and much more. These hobbies will promote a healthy life style and a fun experience.

Words of Wisdom

On Body

Body in motion is a state of happiness and a celebration of life. Finding happiness from the sound of a heart beat is a life worth celebrating. With each interval, rhythm of a heart, we tune the instrument to play the score.

“Behind every stunt is a well trained body.”

“It is hard to complain, when you are busy panting.”

“A capable body is a competent mind.”

A developed body is better than any fit suit; a trained body is a personal gift, but a skilled body is a dance for life.

We practice because we know: we can do and be – better.