Welcome to Transnational Organization For the Advancement of Humanity

Life at TOFAH

Encouraged to dream, taught to discover and to live the life they love.

Kids are in the air

Exploring the frontier

Each week, students will have an access to an amazing experience: copiloting, zeroG, excavation and much more. They will learn and discover extraordinary people with extraordinary lives.

Medicine and labs

Health Care

The safety of our students is our highest priority. We will have the best medical staff to monitor the well being of our students. We can’t prevent accidents, but we can provide for a healthy life and a quick recovery.


Encouraged imagination

Inspired to think creatively and imaginatively, our students will take the world on adventures. Constructive imagination is an expensive commodity. Our students are imaginative, as they are brilliant.

Future Classroom

Advanced classrooms

Advanced education requires an advanced classrooms that emphasis: collaboration, remote information and digital age. Our student will learned advanced material using modern equipment.

Traveling kids

Traveling the world

Every season, a class tours a different nation, learning culture and history. We want to raise a cultural person; because we believe that a human history is our legacy and a human culture is our humanity.

Quality Dorms

The right balance, between schoolwork and a personal time, is a key to a healthy life. Between travels, adventures and studying, we want our students to have their home under their rule.

Top of the world


Not worrying about the money or a job, our students can spend the time to create their own life’s purpose. To our students, the world is an open book, where everyone contributes a letter or a word.

Access to Information

Acess to the world's knowledge

Using remote and digital technology, we delivery world knowledge to our students. They are free to learn from anyone, and our experts help them to navigate through thier chosen subject.


Creative Fun

Schoolwork is fun when classes and projects are exciting and you get no homework. Our curriculum and activities are designed for a fun learning experience. We encourage our students to peruse their passions.

food and nutrition

Healthy food

A healthy body is a healthy diet. Our students practice, physically demanding activities, and they demand: a well balanced nutrition. Health education includes: nutrition and cooking.


Practicing a mixed curriculum requires: mental and emotional balance. Our students study the art of meditation to improve their well-being. Meditation is the calm wind during a storm.


Advanced Laboratory

We provide a modern laboratory for every scientific and engineering field. Our curriculum is designed for projects and not grades or exams. Students are free to conduct supervised experiments and to peruse their projects.