Welcome to Transnational Organization For the Advancement of Humanity


A brilliant mind grows on exponential ideas.


Our duty is to bestow the word’s best knowledge for our students. We will teach them: how to turn information into creation and to help them understand; why creative knowledge is the ultimate form of being human.


Art & Music

A pinch of creativity flavors a person. Art and music is a passion for the mind.  Ideas expressed into art is the human legacy. Teaching how to channel this passion is a joy for any teacher. Our students will channel it creatively.


Imagination is a mental bliss; a casual state that defies the laws of physics. The highest priority of any education is to encourage and to teach it. Imagination turns everything into fun and joy.

Words of Wisdom

On Mind

Mind is driven to turn ideas into a reality. Reality made of imagination and perseverance. Our knowledge is only a few thousand years, and we have build wonders and traveled to the outer space. We need a world of exponential ideas to feed our brilliant minds.

“Pause to think, when looking up, how many eyes are staring back.”

“Change your mind to change the world.”

“Pegasus for a plane, caterpillar for a train, and a grasshopper for a chopper – read to my mind”

Science and art is intelligence speaking, the voice that advances humanity to infinity. Our intelligence is not perfect, but it is ours, and we are on the quest for knowledge.

An open mind is open for knowledge.