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A silent mind manifests the spirit.



Meditation benefits: strong immune system,increased joy, helps to form new memories, tolerance for pain and much more.  The Meditation is is the foundation of a strong spirit for children and adults.



Parkour teaches: confidence, positive mental state, overcoming fear and a sense of freedom. This practice will enable young minds to have the mental focus and a new found courage to think that nothing is impossible.



The spiritual journey begins with the practice of Out of Body experience, Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Projection. The young mind is open to the infinity of the universe, and it is our responsibility as adults to gift this knowledge.

Words of Wisdom

About The Human Spirit

We are spiritual; not because we chose to be, but because we are. Our love and sacrifice for others, matched by our desire to survive and to protect. The spirit is our private compass and our free will is the magnet, which guides our life’s journey.

Our civilization is built on the bravery and the fortitude of the human will. Regardless of religion or ideology, the ideal human spirit is constant.

The spirit is the unity of what it means to be a sentient human being. Studying and teaching about the full potential of our human essence is the greatest privilege.

It is time to nurture the human spirit and to advance humanity.